Qualified Doctors

The most recent courses, workshops and seminars attended are as follows:

  • Certificate in Medico Legal report writing and court Testimony skills.
  • Certificate in Ethics.
  • Certificate in helping grieving children.
  • Certificate in working memory and learning.

  • Certificate in study tool technique
  • Certificate in helping traumatised children and children of abuse.

  • Certificate for Assessments of permanently impaired under American Medical Collage of disability (Ama Guides, 6th edition in Johannesburg, South Africa).

  • Certificate in Neuropsychology essential tools for the practitioner.
  • Certificate in court: back to the basis
  • Certificate in Neuropsychological Tests: A South African Focus.

  • Member of South African Clinical Neuropsychological Associaion (SACNA).
  • Member of SAMLA

  • She is currently registered with University of Cape Town (UCT) and SAMLA.
  • And also busy with the certificate in foundations in Medical-Legal.

    Dr. T (Nkanyani) Boshomane


    I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.